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NHS Eye Tests & Entitlement Vouchers

Simpson Opticians are able to provide free NHS eye tests or examinations from our practices in Larkhall & East Kilbride, Lanarkshire.

You automatically receive financial help towards the spectacles or glasses costs, with an NHS Voucher, if;

You are under 16
You are a student under 19
Receive Income Support
Receive Income Based Job Seekers Allowance
Receive Universal Credit
Receive Pension Credit Guarantee Credit
Receive Income related ESA
Have an NHS Tax Credit Exemption Certificate
Have an HC2 or HC3 Certificate

After your eye-test, if you require new glasses, you will be issued with an NHS Voucher towards the cost of your glasses, which can get you FREE Frames and Lenses, including Bifocals or two separate pairs (Distance and Reading).

At Simpson Opticians we give you an extra allowance of £40 towards the cost of other glasses frames, so any frame below £40 is FREE, and over £40 you only pay the difference e.g. if a glasses frame usually costs £60, you only pay £20 and your lenses are FREE too.

We will also give you a discount on designer glasses, a £20 - £40 reduction on the frames and free lenses.

Second Pair of Glasses

If you want a different style of frame, prescription Sunglasses or spare pair of glasses, the NHS will not fund this.

However at Simpson Opticians we’ll supply you with a second pair of glasses for only £30 complete (frame and lenses) from our budget range. Alternately choose any glasses frame, including designer frames and we’ll give you single vision lenses FREE.

Free NHS Eye Test Appointment

To make an appointment for your free NHS eye test contact us on 01698 882622 or 01355 220977 .

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